Thursday, October 30, 2008


U know it was my first diwali this time... first time I would see the rangolis... and the diyas... and the crackers... and I had a blast too... and I had a lot of fun... Got so many gifts from mom-dad, massi, nani everyone gave gifts...

On Monday my bua, uncleji and bhaiya didi came and I saw them burning crackers and liked it... I was not at all scared of them as my mom was fearing... I loved the sparkles... the flower pots, the chakris and the roman candles... I would see them... laugh and when they stop cry for more :) the only crackers that irritated me and I got scared of was those long laddis... they kept brusting on and on and on....

Mom and dadi and kala did made rangolis and I wanted to crawl upto them and catch them but no one let me do that... in the evening all of them lighted lovely looking lights also but I was not allowed to touch anything and I got very angry

And I had a lot of fun attending parties that mom-dad went to... I decided that I want to have fun and sleeping is no good... so the first day I slept at 10:30 and the second day I decided I still missed some fun... so I slept only when we all left from the party and that was at about 12 in the night... interesting isnt it and I didnt even had mom dad trying to put me to sleep everyday by 8:30...

U know I wore a lovely b;use color sherwani that nani had sent... mom thought I looked like a prince only...

I had a lot of fun and I am sad that its over and mamma is worried now because i am having some allergy on my face and cough also... I hope I get fine soon else my mumma will be very worried :)


  1. Aww......look at that handsome boy in ablue sherwani. Now I really wish I had a

    You make such a lovely family monika.

  2. adorable!!

    i love the header snap as well

    first time here thru your namesake

  3. @monika,ansh
    its not yet late... if u start planning now we can have a perfect couple sometime ;-)

  4. @artnavy,
    thanks... and welcome here.... i have been an off and on reader at ur blog though

  5. wow, u do look like a handsome prince :)

    itz great to hear about the first d'vali..

    get well soon :)

  6. he is indeed looking like s prince!! :)



  7. @-xh-,
    thanks :) the cough has gone little worst... i hope he recovers soon

  8. You are no less then a prince. Get well soon baby.

  9. hi... thanks for visiting my blog ...

    Ojas sure looks like a cute little prince in the blue Sherwani.

    hugs to you sweet baby :)

  10. @sumana,
    thanks... he is better now

  11. @lijy,
    welcome.... and thanks for dropping here too