Thursday, June 4, 2009


After my mom I have also decided to move

This is the new address

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Monday, June 1, 2009

MFH in making

Ever since I saw this post at Priyanka's, I have been wanting to introduce Ojas to colors, but somehow it never happened... then the other day while shopping for a gift for a new born I found this product from Crayola and thought of trying it

I just gave the tubs and the sheet to Ojas and waited to see what he will do... and I was in for a surprise because he looked at them for 2 minutes and then figured out that there some colors coming out of it... He figured out on his own how to hold them and how to rub on the paper for the color to come out...

He would color with one then leave it and pick up another... I was also surprised at how he preferred one over another... orange was the winner in the starting but now purple is the clear favorite

These moments make your heart swell with pride and then u forget all about the stubbornness :)

the maestro at work

does it need more work or its done?

Ok I am done and this certainly needs applaud

And this is the masterpiece