Friday, May 30, 2008

Nanny Trouble

Trouble times... Ojas's nanny is leaving as her mil and husband is coming to blore and she has to play a bahu and what a timing I have to join back work now on 16th :( wondering what to do... nanny search is on in full flow but not able to find anyone... atlast if I dont find anyone I will leave Ojas in daycare. dont know how will he react... feeling so guilty abt it :( Ojas I love u baby

Monday, May 26, 2008

Eating and Whims and fancies

We started Ojas on semi solids about a month back and I was surprised to see how clearly he has his preferences... He loves to eat ragi and its a struggle to feed him rice, u just cant give me plain rice if u blend it with some banana or some jaggery u might be able to feed him something with hazaar nakhras :) one person distracting him with a toy etc but only rice no chance... he loves banana and chicko and is ok with the apple... i am so surpised taste buds work so well at this age too :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missing Dad

In the past few months Ojas morning routine has been getting up between 6 and 7 am and then coming from his cot to our bed and then playing between us, we are partly sleeping and partly playing and all three of us enjoy that the best time of the day... he'll see towards me play a little and then turn towards naren play with him a little and if one of us sleeps then he wakes us up by scratching our faces with his hands... today naren was travelling and when he came on our he would play with me and then turn the other side to find his dad and then say oooooh ooooh he did this some 8-10 times and finally i had to get up and take him to some other place and then he played... my little one was missing his dad, this one is going to make naren surely happy :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

The first lovely white bud

Ya u guessed it right, my little one has come out with his first teeth and strangely its not the front one as I had read in books and heard from everyone.... its the lower right one.... Looks like this guy wants to be different from the starting he he

I have been feeling since long time that he is teething but everyone would laugh at me saying its too early... Today morning around 11 am when I was feeding him he suddenly bit me and I was like what is this, I checked his mouth for his front teeth and I found none, I was a little surprised but I continued feeding and then he did it again I decided to give his mouth a through examination and there it is on the right hand lower side one tiny little white bud and I rushed to my husband's grandmom to show it and see if I was right and bingo I was right :) my son has come out with his first teeth.... yipee

shy boy

ojas is turning out be a little shy boy u smile at him and he will smile back and then turn away shyly and blushing... its so cute to watch my shy boy shy away :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ojas's first vacation

As mentioned in my previous post we took ojas for his first vacation to Tex Woods Resort, Chikmangalur. It was about 280kms drive from bangalore and we took about 8 hours to reach there including all breaks etc. Ojas seemed to have fun in the vacation, so do we choose to believe atleast :) Will be posting the details on the drive and the vacation on my travel blog soon.

Check out the snaps till then
Ojas's first vacation snaps