Thursday, August 28, 2008

My new shoes

Hi massi gifted him these shoes, can u beat it... isnt it very very cute...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sleep nuisances

Ojas had been sleeping thru the night from a long time now I guess six months or so but suddenly from the past 10 days or so he gets up in the night either on fours trying to crawl or standing taking support of his cot and then she cries as he is very sleepy.. u pick him he immediately sleeps and then u can put him back again... wondering what can i do about it? Any suggestions?

Monday, August 25, 2008

chotu Pandit

His nanni had sent him this dhoti kurta sometime back... look at how cute he is looking in this........

we have bought one more dhoti kurta for him for his mamma's wedding... thats a more elaborate on.... pic after he wears it on 6th sep

Friday, August 22, 2008

I want my mumma

I am actually very thrilled writing this post.... I usually come home by around 6:30 or so but yesterday I had to go to my cousin's house to tie belated rakhee to him as I was not in town on 16th so I came back home at around 8:30 or so... hubby had already given Ojas a massage and sponge bath and was ready to give him milk but as soon as he saw me he started screaming, I had to take him without washing my hands too and then he smiled and hugged me and kissed me, then I came him back to hubby and he started crying again... we did it three times and finally only I had to give him milk :) :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ojas has been saying Tata since morning today :) not the bye bye one but the grandpa tata he is looking so cute doing that though all my dreams that he will say Ma first are gone down the drain

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ghar Ka Khaana

Ojas is a very fussy eater in the sense that u have to play with him, distract him and then make him eat his food with hazar drama.... We went to 4-day vacation to Kerala last week and in this time he eat only readymade foods like cerelac... gerber fruit and veggies purries... and when we came back home yesterday he all three homemade meals without any natak and drama amazes me my son seems to have realize the importance of ghar ka khaana pretty soon ;-) though he is back to drama today :-(

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Head banging

Before u think this is the rock music head banging let me clarify its not :) these days its expression of love from Ojas... when he is really happy he brings his head forward and tries to bang and touch with ur head... isnt it cute... he does that with only selected people at only sometimes... still to figure out how he learned it :)

Monday, August 11, 2008


He kept us all wondering whether he will or he will not... he seemed least interested to be on his stomach and was more happy sitting and standing even when he actually couldn't but finally last week i.e 8th Aug he did it and he is happily doing it since then :) he was actually trying to figure it out since sometime now but he got it on his 8th month birthday which made me remember something that one of my friends told me sometime back... she said that they surely do something new on the date they were born every month till they turn 1 year.. i just didnt give it enough thought till then... will surely observe now :)

But its really fun seeing him go round and round in the house on all fours and doing everything that he shouldnt :)

PS: i have caught his crawling in my handycam and trying to figure out how to edit it and put it up here... anyone has an idea? I have a sony dvd handycam

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sulking Boy

Yesterday we decided to take a drive in our new car taking Ojas along with us, we also had to pick up my sis from the airport... so we started from home around 3:30 just after he finished his afternoon meal and had a nice drive, stopped for tea... Ojas also had his juice and played in his car seat and was happy happy :) we went to the airport and picked up my sis and on the way back he suddenly started screaming... we stopped the car and took him out of his car seat and thak he is quite... we thought may be something was disturbing him and he is fine now.. we put him back in his car seat and there he starts again... we were shocked he is been going in the car seat happily from the day he left the hospital from home and has never behaved this way... but nonethless he was crying when u put him in the car seat and would laugh when u take him out... we did this for 6 times and the 7 time I guess he understood that there is no getting away from this and he sat in the car seat quietly and quietly to the literal sense... he turned his head away from me and was sulking quietly... he would not look at me... all my attempts to make him smile in vain... the things that he would usually laugh uncontrollably were resulting in just a forcibly controlled small sulking smile... i hope u understand what i saying and this continued for 10 long mins after that he finally gave me a smile after lots of natak and kisses... gosh this guy has a mind and choices of his own.... read here for what he did when we tried to change his cot and now this... God help me :) :)