Monday, November 10, 2008

Carnivorous Ojas

Its always been a task to feed Ojas... mostly he refuses to take food point blank... u try hazaar natakas... 20 toys... dance etc etc... and may be he will take 5 spoons... force feeding doesnt work with him either... he just doesnt open his mouth and even if try and force it into him he spits it out... eating is such a problem... there are days when I just sit and cry because I have lost my patience feeding him and he hasnt eaten anything at all in the whole day... ofcourse there are some days like once in 15 days or so when he eats like a good boy but then one needs to eat everyday right... Mostly he drives me crazy with eating... I have tried everything that I read books and told by his doc but the result is still the same.... anyone who can give me tips on this is welcome...

But thats beside the point, sometime back I had started him on egg yolks and last week I started giving him a little chicken and since then he is abs refusing to take anything else only egg and chicken is what he wants... for the rest of the things he doesnt even take his usual 5 spoons :(


  1. Thank God he likes something. If left to himself, my Ansh can stay the whole day without a morsel of food. I've been in pretty much the same situation as yours. So no helpful advice here except "distraction" through TV, Books , game etc

  2. be happy atleast he eats something...and by choice :)

  3. @monika,ansh
    thank god... how long will it last god knows... unfortunately nothing that u have suggested works :( TV I have not started him on

  4. @suarabh,
    i dont know how long will it last keeping my fingers crossed

  5. @deeps,
    totally no doubts abt it :)

    welcome here and thanks for the comment

  6. :)

    oh tell ME about feeding troubles!! sigh! and if he likes egg and chicken so be it! :)

    i have no tips simply because nothing works for Cubby for more than 3 meals and i so totally lack patience in any case!

    thank god his father is around! when i am alone i ask amma to give him an early dinner and leave because the brat eats without any trouble from her!! aaarrgghh!!

    all the best and hopefully things will improve!!


  7. @mama - mia,
    ya u are right it works exactly for 3 meals and in my case a new thing even eggs and chicken worked exactly for 1 week sob sob and anyways i cant give him egg and chicken like 24x7 right

    wow!!! i am jealous... u have amma :):) touchwood i say