Friday, October 10, 2008

Day Care Confusions

Ojas' current nanny has suddenly vanished as I posted in my blog... So I am totally in a helpless condition... life has come to a standstill... I am not finding another maid too and then their are issues of Ojas adjusting etc... also at the same time we are wondering whether we should put him in a day care... any inputs on how young was ur child when he started going to a day care? Is it a good idea to send a 10-month old to a day care...


  1. I dont have a child but many of my friends do. Some waited until their child was 3 and some did not wait and had their children in daycare at 2 months. It all depends on the daycare environment and your child's temperament.

  2. I agree with Solitaire. You may like to visit the daycare & judge for yourself.
    You can also check if there are any centres for Ayahs in your locality.

  3. I am not so sure in India about leaving a baby with daycare at 10 months. Best is a nanny at home. There are agencies all over india that supply 24 hours nannies. Esp the one in Cal called CARE. Check em out on the net. See if you can work out something with them. Good Luck. I so understand the need to find a helper asap.

  4. @solitaire & monika,ansh
    thanks... i guess so too

    I am registered with CARE already... but due to durga pooja they are not even ready to talk now sob sob

  5. thats is terrible!

    did you find something else by now?? its ridiculous that someone would leave even a nanny job without giving enough time! :(

    i hope you find a nice nanny or a good daycare by now!