Monday, October 13, 2008

Eating Out

This weekend was the first time we took Ojas out with us to a restaurant for a dinner... We usually put him to sleep at about 9 pm and then leave the house as my maid used to be there to guard him just incase he gets up... This weekend the maid not being there and we two also being so frustrated because of maid search... we thought what the hell... he will anyways sleep in the car so lets start at the time he sleeps usually and get going... so at around 8:30 we started for dinner to a place which was a good 40 minute drive from our house, as predicted he slept in about 10 mins of the drive but what came next was a surprise... the minute the car stopped he got up and was in such a happy mood... I think he enjoyed the outing more than anyone else... he wanted to just keep climbing up the table... playing and bursting the balloons that the waiters gave him... he had a blast and there was not even a hint of sleep in his eyes... he slept only at 10:45 when we started back.... though it was really tough for us to manage... but he enjoyed :)

Seeing this we got courage and went for a dinner again on Saturday evening he he and this time he crawled all over the restaurant floor and made friends with the waiters... and then to my surprise did something which I have seen happening only once or twice before that too when he was very young... slept himself... ya he just came to me I picked him up and made him sit between myself and hubby and he lied... started eating his teether... singing loori for himself to everyone's delight in the restaurant and slept... cute isnt it?


  1. :) that was cute.. nice that he enjoys eating out - you can go out more frequently now :)

  2. @monika,ansh
    ya it was.........

  3. oh yes! kids LOVE outings!! Cubby is the happiest of the lot! like you we too just let him loose! as long as he is not being detructive its cool!!

    his first resto visit was at 40days and hasnt stopped ever since! ofcos it l'il more challenging now, but no way am i gonna leave him n go! :D