Monday, October 20, 2008

Perfect Timing

Ojas usually sleeps through the night... sleeps at about 9 and gets up at 6 am for milk... has his milk and sleeps again till about 7 or 7:30... sometimes once in a while he gets up at about 2am but then u pick him up and he sleeps again...

Friday being Karwachauth, hubby decided to take me out for a romantic dinner.. we saw the chand did all the rituals... I eat something little... put Ojas to sleep and thought we will get going along with him... but my mil said anyways he sleeps thru.. u leave him and go... made perfect sense right? So off we went leaving sleeping Ojas with dadi and Massi for a nice romantic dinner after the fasting....

But wait Ojas has different plans.... as soon as we sat on the table, the food came... there was a call from home too that he has got up and is crying like crazy... the romantic dinner became just throwing food inside and rushing back home... just to find him sleeping again :( he had just slept when we reached...

perfect timings isnt it ;-)


  1. Lol.....been through that before. These little ones!!

  2. LOL - that was some perfect timing... :)

  3. kids know how to irritate there parents, i remember my days ;)

  4. ha ha ha! you these kids really know how to drive us crazy! Don't worry, sooner than lare you would be able to make up for such dinners. :)

  5. @monika,ansh
    ya i am sure all parents have

  6. @saurabh,
    i know what u could have done ;-)

  7. haha! i can imagine your state!!

    perfect timing indeed!!