Thursday, October 23, 2008

It all aboout 'S'

'S' as in stubborn
'S' as in sleep
'S' as in standing independently
'S' as in smartness
'S' as in Spiderman

So let me explain one by one...

'S' as in standing independently ... he is finally standing independently... not for long yet... for a minute or so and then either sits dham kar ke or just lunges towards the person in front... and he looks so cute doing this... currently there are bets happening in the house on when will he start walking now :)

'S' as in Sleep... Sleep has always been on our enemy u know... There were days before when we didnt sleep at all... and there are days like this nowadays too... he will be rubbing his eyes, yawing, pulling his hair and ears but the minute u take him to the room to put him to sleep and thak he will start screaming on the top of his voice as if we have hit him... and then we have to bring him back to play and he will play with renewed energy as crying gave back all his energy to him and then after some time the yawns etc will start again and then the room and then the cries.. it usually takes abt 3 such cycles for him to go to sleep... quite a task... phew!!!

'S' as in stubborn... I think this is the most difficult... he is becoming so stubborn at this age that sometimes i fear how will I deal with him when he grows up a little... take away from him anything that he wants and see the result... shouts screams what not and that continues till u either give him what he wants or take him out of the house and this guy doesnt even forget man...what he wants he wants when he wants....I really dont know how to deal with this...

'S' as in smartness... here I can proudly say that m y son has outdone all of us at the house :)... we sometimes wonder how do kids have so much brain in such a small head... U do things twice in front of him and he usually picks them up... sometimes we wont even teach him he will just pick it up as we'll be doing it... the other day I was doing that tasty gesture pach pach... and after some I see him repeating it... We had installed gates on our staircase and he has figured out from where to open it and if u are carrying him near the gate this guy will promptly meddle with the bolt and yesterday he managed to open it too... He knows from where the main gate opens... and if u say bye to him he knows that u are going to go out from the main door and phatak se crawls at 100kmph towards it... he knows that if me and hubby have picked up our laptop bags then its time for us to go out and there starts his screams :) someone has to take him out... he has to say bye to us and then he will come back peacefully inside...

Last but not the least 'S' as in Spiderman... he has been named spidey in our house... reason he loves to climb.... anywhere and everywhere... u have read how he loves to climb the stairs and on car... now he has taken the activity further... he can climb on our sofa, the teapoy, our bed and he even tries to climb on the wall and the fridge.... there are times when we catch him mid air because he is trying to place his feet and hands on the flat wall and trying to climb up just like spiderman... crazy little one I have :)


  1. when kids are around, there is not even 1 minute of boring silence.. :-D
    making kids sleep is one task.. the moment you want to sleep, they want to play.. and they play like they have all the energy in the world inside them... :-D

  2. he sounds totally cute!! he is another S - Superstar! :)

    yayyy to Standing!! You go, L'il guy!

    and yes, he is now realising he is an indepedent being and will keep testing his limits. give in sometimes and stay firm at others and he will start understanding it!

    heres to great times and more alphabetical stories!! :)



  3. @-xh,
    i so agree with u... they bring such joys into our life...

    and dont even ask abt sleep its a big problem and then the food, i guess that needs a dedicated post in itself

  4. @mama - mia,
    thank u.... ya i agree just that i get worried when i am not at home

  5. A smart boy he is! isn't it such a pleasure to see him grow and become more and more independent, someone with his own mind! sweet!