Monday, October 27, 2008

One, Two.... Six....

My eyes are all wet today with joy... I had always heard that your baby's first steps can make u cry with joy... can have a amazing effect on u but never knew it'll be this... I was like speechless for sometime and all I could do is hug my nonu... Yes he took his first steps day before yesterday... started with one.. then it was two and yesterday evening it was six... In one day from one to six... Now just waiting for the day when he would running around the house...

Children grow up way too fast...


  1. Aww.....congratulations. That's his Diwali gift to you

  2. @monika,ansh
    ya thats true... thanks

  3. yayyyy!! Way to go Ojas!! :)

    i know just what you mean!! i never though i would cry n all, but seeing them take baby steps is a different experience altogether! :)

    and yes, he will be running around soon enough!

    if you belive in homeopathy, keep a bottle of arnica mont 30handy! they keep falling so often! :)



  4. @mama - mia,
    i am strong believer in homeopathy... will get one bottle ASAP :)