Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Godi is for me only

This weekend we went to one of our friend's house who has a 2 month old baby... When Ojas first saw the baby lying down he felt very good even bent down and kissed him twice but then started the drama... my mom picked him up and he screamed, she had to leave him and pick Ojas up... in this process she gave the baby to me and when he realised it he screamed even harder :) and then I had to give the baby back to his father and take Ojas but Ojas was still screaming look at the baby in my friend's godi and then my friend kept him on the bed and here comes the widest grin anyone could see at Ojas's face... We all rolled in laughter :) too much isnt it?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend is fun for me too

Ok some reacp of all the antics and nautanki he did in the weekend... actually there are so many that I dont know where to start and where to end :)

Antic 1:
Ok so here his a snap of his favorite activity these days... he realized that we let him climb stairs when we are around and then would run towards the staircase gate as soon as he sees his dad and then stands up all ready to climb... he did this atleast 20 times on Saturday :)

Antic 2:
These days he is not at all playing with toys... the only two toys he like is are his flower and giraffe... one of which he always keeps along... even crawls with them...

Antic 3:
I have this lovely side table in my hall on which I had kept the phone, some candles and a lovely vase... alas all this was before Ojas started crawling and became mobile... now there is just one empty side table... the candles and the vase have been moved to higher positions and the phone because it needs aceess so very often is now kept on the stairs :) He has been eyeing it for quite sometime now but not able to reach it... Sunday I was just holding he was just sitting with me on the sofa right in front of the stairs and thak he gets up, and starts trying to climb up the sofa... I had never imagined that he will actually be able to do that and within some 2 mins of effort he reached almost the top of the sofa and dragged the phone towards him and came back on the sofa...we all were rolling in laughter :)

Antic 4:
Saturday morning sometime he was crying a lot and we couldnt understand why so my hubby just to calm him down took him to the garden and then made him sit on the car and voila the crying stopped... he laughed and started crawling on the car... and he climbed from the bonet to the top got down on the boot, turned back got up and came back to the boot... see these snaps and tell me an u even imagine this guy was crying like crazy a couple of mins back ..........

Antic 5:
My mom got her head shaved in the weekend from the local balaji temple in Bangalore... We were all actually very apprehensive as to how will he react when he sees mom... he might get scared... but no he was happy and has made nanni's head a tabla for himself...

See now I have forgotten what else did I want to blog... I should have done this on Monday there were atleast 10 things me and hubby discussed worth putting up here and now I can recall only 5, I am so glad I started this blog :) :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

yesterday I was working from home as most of the times I end up doing on Monday's.. as my maid comes late in the morning... so I was working on the ground floor and Ojas was playing with his nanny and my mom on the first floor... I was getting his happy sounds of shouting, laughing, tata, mamma etc from quite sometime now and I generally asked shouting... what is my nonu tonu doing and thak this guy came running towards the staircase gate, got up holding it and started screaming mama and continued till I went up and held... post up which he gave me a hug and a good big laughter :)... sometimes I wonder how does the small head so much brain...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Up, Up and Up

Last week suddenly I saw dad an son climbing stairs... I mean Ojas in the front on all fours and Naren behind him... inspite of my saying don't allow my hubby found it irresistible after he saw Ojas climbing one stair and decided to check out how far he goes and the result actually amused us both... he went up and up and up and reached the first floor... he climbed all stairs... I felt very happy and exteremely worried at the same time... and the result we have had gates installed at the staircase... and he is getting very irritated by them.. he goes to them stands up and stands banging as if someone will open it from behind :) :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I went shopping for Ojas's formula, diapers etc in the weekend and picked up In the Heinz Summer Fruit Salad Jelly.... on an instinct I picked it up though Ojas doesn't enjoy eating sweet things so much but it was a pleasant surprise seeing him eat that yesterday evening... he liked it soooo much that he was coming forward to eat it and at one of time I started talking to my mom and paused for a minute or so before giving him anything and he actually pulled my hand asking for more :) :) and this from a boy to whom giving any food is a BIG task normally.... u have to play, distract, sing songs etc etc for atleast 30 mins for him to eat half a bowl of food...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missing Daadi

We came from delhi after attending his mama's wedding on Sunday late night (detailed account of Ojas's behavior there with snaps later) and it was a sight to see how he met his daadi when he came back, he just hugged her tight and would follow her wherever she went on Monday... it was so cute to watch.... I guess he missed his daadi in delhi :) :)