Monday, August 4, 2008

Sulking Boy

Yesterday we decided to take a drive in our new car taking Ojas along with us, we also had to pick up my sis from the airport... so we started from home around 3:30 just after he finished his afternoon meal and had a nice drive, stopped for tea... Ojas also had his juice and played in his car seat and was happy happy :) we went to the airport and picked up my sis and on the way back he suddenly started screaming... we stopped the car and took him out of his car seat and thak he is quite... we thought may be something was disturbing him and he is fine now.. we put him back in his car seat and there he starts again... we were shocked he is been going in the car seat happily from the day he left the hospital from home and has never behaved this way... but nonethless he was crying when u put him in the car seat and would laugh when u take him out... we did this for 6 times and the 7 time I guess he understood that there is no getting away from this and he sat in the car seat quietly and quietly to the literal sense... he turned his head away from me and was sulking quietly... he would not look at me... all my attempts to make him smile in vain... the things that he would usually laugh uncontrollably were resulting in just a forcibly controlled small sulking smile... i hope u understand what i saying and this continued for 10 long mins after that he finally gave me a smile after lots of natak and kisses... gosh this guy has a mind and choices of his own.... read here for what he did when we tried to change his cot and now this... God help me :) :)


  1. Oh, you got a taste of things to come. These kids can really make a point, isn't it?
    BTW,Congrats on your new car! :)

  2. @monika,ansh
    i agree... i knew this is coming but never expected it to be so early

  3. @monika,ansh
    and thanks for the wishes.. its abt 1.5 months old now

  4. Monika, you got a peek of what is in store. Kids love to go out but if they are stuck in car seat for really long time, they don't like it. Not sure what age the fussing around starts? But it sure lasts long enough for you to remember :) Enjoy the nakhras :)

  5. @joy,
    ya u are right i got a taste of it...

  6. @joy,
    btw any tips on how to deal with it?