Monday, July 28, 2008

dont touch my cot

My nonu tonu is consistently holding his cot railing and getting up now... at times when he is not able to completely stand, he gets on his knees and then stands again after some time and he is trying to cruise too :) so we deiced that this is another milestone achieved and hence we need to lower his cot position so that he doesnt fall out of his cot while trying his antics... so hubby started doing the work on his cot while I sat with him playing on our bed and the minute he saw his dad messing with his cot... he started screaming and trying to run towards his cot... i had to control him hard and finally I took him out of the room as it was getting impossible to calm him inside the room... inspite of going outside he was constantly looking back towards the room and started screaming again after 5 mins... we had to finally out him the cot when only the mattress had been laid and the bumpers were not yet up and there came an instant luagh and smile :) and then he did it again tried to get up and banged his head right on the cot bars but the joy of getting his cot back was way more than the hurt I guess as he just kept playing after that...


  1. o gosh... that was hilarious.. hmm... lady, u better look out.... if he's gonna be so particular abt u messing with him now, then ------


  2. @avaran,
    i agree i am screwed :)

  3. I would say, a smart little boy he is! Very observant and so aware of his surroundings at this young age. And standing up already...Wow! If I remember correctly, Rishab did that when he was 10 months or so.

  4. @pg,
    ya he is very observant... when he goes out also he is observing things most of the times... and each child to his own... he is standing but is still not able to turn from his stomach to back effortlessly :)

    welcome to my space and keep coming