Thursday, August 28, 2008

My new shoes

Hi massi gifted him these shoes, can u beat it... isnt it very very cute...


  1. Hey, I must say something....
    I somehow do feel obliged to tell you that shoes with a hard sole are not advised from the orthopaedic point of view. I would surely talk to the doctor before making him wear shoes with such a hard sole. I can see, these real expensive ones, and I am surprised that shoemakers in India offer such kind of shoes for babies. Children this age do not need anything except for socks, if it is cold or shoes stiched out of soft leather, which can be simply pulled up like socks. What I know and believe myself is that children should run around barefeet as mucvh a spossible and unless the child has learned to run around he does not need any shoes and only when he is running outside does he need shoes with a very very soft sole. I'm sure you could get them exchanged.
    Now I am feeling a bit bad as his Mausi surely loves him so.
    BTW, have bookmarked you now. Saw the lovely recipe of yours at health and tasty too.

  2. @pg,
    thanks for the advice... i know what u are saying... i am not putting him this for long now that he has it I want to use it for a wedding coming up and he is running barefooted only usually in the house....
    and u know what this is not an indian shoe... this is from mothercare a leading UK brand.....

    and thanks for bookmarking... honor is mine

  3. he is runing at this age already! wow! that's fast!

  4. @pg,
    no no he doesnt run literally currently :) what i meant is usually barefooted in the house... he is holding hands and walking and he loves to do that and he is also cruising effortlessly now

  5. AMumma dear..these are called Sandals not shoes :P

    Ok ok..maaro to mat yaar :)