Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ojas has learnt to say Hungah...i dont even know how to spell it...he he but he is saying this and saying this all day long... we all have our own theories of what it means... but only he knows what it is ;-)


  1. ain't that cute.......:) its great that u r recording all these little things in his blog. You'll love going through them later

  2. @monika,ansh,
    very very cute :) ya that is what i thought... i actually started recording when i realized that i am forgetting what he used to do several weeks back...

  3. i jus noticed this new blog....

    i guess he meant hungry or something! hehe

  4. its been up since sometime now... just wanted to record my little's one everyday tantrums :)

    and ya the first guess everyone has is the same... he only knows what he actually means