Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ghar Ka Khaana

Ojas is a very fussy eater in the sense that u have to play with him, distract him and then make him eat his food with hazar drama.... We went to 4-day vacation to Kerala last week and in this time he eat only readymade foods like cerelac... gerber fruit and veggies purries... and when we came back home yesterday he all three homemade meals without any natak and drama amazes me my son seems to have realize the importance of ghar ka khaana pretty soon ;-) though he is back to drama today :-(


  1. ah ! you know ghar ki moorgi dal barabar etc. this means you need to go on more vacations.

  2. @minka,
    agreed let me start planning right away :)

    and welcome, keep coming