Monday, August 11, 2008


He kept us all wondering whether he will or he will not... he seemed least interested to be on his stomach and was more happy sitting and standing even when he actually couldn't but finally last week i.e 8th Aug he did it and he is happily doing it since then :) he was actually trying to figure it out since sometime now but he got it on his 8th month birthday which made me remember something that one of my friends told me sometime back... she said that they surely do something new on the date they were born every month till they turn 1 year.. i just didnt give it enough thought till then... will surely observe now :)

But its really fun seeing him go round and round in the house on all fours and doing everything that he shouldnt :)

PS: i have caught his crawling in my handycam and trying to figure out how to edit it and put it up here... anyone has an idea? I have a sony dvd handycam