Friday, August 22, 2008

I want my mumma

I am actually very thrilled writing this post.... I usually come home by around 6:30 or so but yesterday I had to go to my cousin's house to tie belated rakhee to him as I was not in town on 16th so I came back home at around 8:30 or so... hubby had already given Ojas a massage and sponge bath and was ready to give him milk but as soon as he saw me he started screaming, I had to take him without washing my hands too and then he smiled and hugged me and kissed me, then I came him back to hubby and he started crying again... we did it three times and finally only I had to give him milk :) :)


  1. I love these moments & have had them a plenty. Enjoy them while they last :)

  2. @monika,ansh
    i agree i love those.... i am sure time will come when i will have no more of them

  3. it is so good to know that, sin't it?