Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet 16

I really cant believe I am doing the 16th month post already... It feels like just yesterday that I wrote the 15th month post... agreed I was late but still... It actually feels like just yesterday when u were born honey...

Though the tittle of the post is sweet 16 because that's the way 16 has been said from ages but if I had to give it a tittle it had to be stubborn 16 because its clearly been the month of stubborn, if the mantra of 15 was independence the mantra of 16 is stubbornness... u want everything your way and one small no results in a complete 30 mins drama at home and it simply doesn't help that u have a memory bigger than most adults and don't get diverted easily. Something doesn't your way and phew thats it a big big tantrum and sure to come, u cry shout scream make angry faces throw your arms and feet around. And this specially if your mom-dad are around, your dadi and nanny tell us that you are a good boy when we are not around, why my darling have mom-dad something wrong? sob sob... last two weekends were so tough that your dad said he will go to work also on the weekend and now with me being at home we hear your shouts every 20 mins... gosh, have the trouble twos hit us so early????

Now that mumma is done with the complaining she also has to tell everyone that she is eating her words of the last month post that she thinks that you are not going to speak, the last 15 days have been only talking days... u have become like a parrot wanting to repeat everything anyone utters out, irrespective of what it means and how tough it is and the first word you said is unbelievable, no mumma no papa, i can claim to do a contest here and be sure that no one no one can guess the word... the first word u said was "tractar" (tractor for who didnt get it) and since then the vocab is on a constant rise... these are some of your favourites
-hi (and u say it so musically its a treat to the ears and u greet us with one everytime u see someone after a while)
-papa (though ur dad wants to be called dada and is trying hard)
-pitha (papitha)
-tomto (tomato)
-mumum (water)
-amuma (his great grand mother)
-kal (kala his nanny)
-off (switch on or off a electric point, its off for both)

The last month has also been a month of rough play, u have always loved rough play but this month the love has gone way too ahead, the minute u see your dada or sometimes even mom u want to go on shoulder and then do a complete palti while coming down. Your dada sometimes hold you from your legs and hangs you down for minutes all together and your laughter at that time is so precious.

You have also learned to do round and round and simply keep doing it sometimes even for 10 mins and we all wonder whether you dont get dizzy by that

The potty training has finally started too and we are currently on step 1 of the four step procedure your doc has told us, the good thing is that u are finally sitting on your potty seat happily with a book in your hand ;-)

Kitchen is still your favorite place in the house and everyday morning and evening when mumma cooks u have to be with her sometimes messing up with the kitchen drawers and sometimes sitting on the kitchen counter :)
please forgive my messy kitchen, morning cooking is usually messy

In the sleep routine that we formed sometime back there is one more thing which has got added recently and that is say bye and giving flying kisses to the 10pm train from the bedroom window, till it comes and you bye to it you simply wont go to sleep, mumma is dreading the day when the train is late or god forbid canceled. I think I am going to bribe the railway officials to keep that train on time ;-)

You also help mumma in plucking whatever little has grown in her garden....plucking tomatoes and spring onions what if they are not ready

The eating is going ok... u eat sometimes, u dont eat the other times but I have learned to take it easy now... u eat something when u want to and that is fine

Your habit of keeping things in place which started last month has gone in a different dimension now, you now even now decide what is waste in the house and go throw it in the dustbin, the other day u were spotted picking up dust in the kitchen and throwing it in the dustbin.. till now you havent thrown something useful there and mumma is happy with that.

Its been a lovely month apart and here are two of my fav pics of the month
chilling out with dad after the gardening session

sitting on the low chair in dadi's room early morning


  1. This is so sweet! Shall I delay the train :P

  2. Sounds like he has been really upto a lot this month. I think he decided to just skip through all the easy words and start with 'Tractor'...Good Job Ojas! :)
    And thats so sweet that he is putting waste items in the trash.

  3. Very cute..and he is sitting 'inside' the drawer in the second pic fro, your kitchen? Isn't he? :D

  4. I also wondered for a sec & clicked on that pic to see the zoom version.. thats cute enough :) he fitting inside the drawer, that is. touch wood.. you do lovely picture posts for ur adorable n cho chweet baby..


  5. awwwww!!! Happy 16th cool dude Ojas!! :D

    and so many words already! you go l;il guy! :) Cubby's first word was pussycat! :p

    and book on potty works no?! i guess thats the only thing that actually makes them sit! god bless the bookks! ;)

    and what are the 4 steps?! You should put up that also to help fellow mums! :)

    and he is munchably cute!



  6. This is such a happy post !! lovely !!

  7. That pic up there is so cute.. dont you just feel like gobbling him up?!!!! He reminds me of my nephew, and their talk is so sweet you could listen to it all day.

  8. Wow...already moving towards the terrible twos, are we? I think my son is already there :(

    Ojas looks so cute ! I just love seeing his pics!

  9. @ritu,
    thanks... hey dont u dare do that

  10. @priyanka,
    ya these days sometimes i feel that i should daily or may be atleast weekly updates i have still missed so much

  11. @nm,
    ya u are right he is sitting inside the kitchen drawer... he loves doing that infact he loves being in the kitchen

  12. @tara,
    thanks :) i find that pic very cute too and he does that all the time and did i mention it in the post now he is even keeping a cooker ulta, standing up on it and trying to climb on the counter... dangerous guy

  13. @abha,
    ya abs thats the only thing that works ;-) and some more people have asked on mail/chat will do a post on that soon

  14. @aradhana,
    thanks... u are the third person who is saying that ;-)

    and thanks for visiting keep coming

  15. @muchkin's mom,
    ya these days kids are fast lady