Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yippe we did it

And those of u know me well and read my personal blog know that the biggest thing running in my mind and bothering me was getting Ojas off the bottle... I know its not a very big deal but from the starting I hated the bottle... doesnt do any good but then being a working mom I had no other option... i certainly dont have the patience to feed with katori and spoon I am sure abt that, Ojas had started taking one feed (expressed breast milk) from about 2 months and now he is 15 months so needless to say he was attached to it and I knew I had to work on this slowly patiently

I started when he was 13.5 months old and 1.5 months of hard work has finally payed off... now he is finally drinking his milk three times a day from the sipper... and i am so happy about it :)

Consequently his sleep routine has changed too from sponge bath and bottle milk its now sponge bath, story reading, cuddling with mama-dada, rolling on the bed and finally sleeping... its a long process and he is still long long way off from sleeping on his own but I am bothered about that now, currently I am basking in glory that mumma and Ojas have achieved the target that they set, leaving bottle before we turn 16 :)

Love u baby... u make mumma proud


  1. Kudos to both Mamma & Beta . Well done!! :)

  2. Way to go Ojas and you too Mumma!!

  3. Yay!!! Three cheers for baby Ojas and his Mumma's efforts! There you go, Monika, hard work always pays! ;) And here, it pays in the nicest ways possible! :)

    Oju's night-time routine is very impressive, and just too cute (like everything else abut babies).

    I think this brat is going to be a responsible and intelligent guy. He knows what is right, and he also knows what is smart and will elicit praise (and rewards) from Mummy. LOL... Smart chap, this!

    Cuddles and kissies to Oju and (((hugs))) to Mummy!

  4. Congratulations! These mommy milestones are so important, achieved after a lot of patience. Good job Ojas!

  5. awesome!!!! :D

    am still doing chamach katori thing! lets see!



  6. thank u all for the wishes and encouragement

    i hope he does :) and yaay finally hugs for mumma too :)

    i agree these mummy milestones are the best

    i bow to ur patience

  7. Congrats to you.Very nice post posted.

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