Sunday, April 12, 2009

Look who's here

Ojas is on the seventh heaven these days... ask why... nani came... and since then he has become a nani fan...

plays with her, talks to her, eat also from her... we all are just existing

There is one more reason to be happy... she has brought gifts too... doodle pro that he has fallen in love with

She also got a cool football set which has a goal post and a ball...


  1. Awww... This one had my eyes brimmimg with tears. Remembered my Nana-Nani who I lost some years back. They pampered me so much that had I lived with them and not my parents, I would have been the worst brat on earth. Still am a brat, but not as much.
    I was the first child of their first child, and reigned as the only grandchild for 6 years till my brother came. So you can imagine!
    Lotsa love to your Mumma and her darlin' Naati! Lotsa (((hugs))) to her Naati's Mumma too! Hey, stop sulking, that means you!

  2. grand parents and kids share a unique bond....

    they are so much more calm and more nice with grandparents... !!

    its an amazing relation... touchwood !

    My kid is so excited that we are going home in a couple of days... he will be with his dada dadi nana nani... !!! phew....

    every 10 mins comes the question when will we go to Bharuch ???

  3. Mujhe meri nani yaad aa gayi. :) Your kid is supercute! Mini David Beckham. :)

  4. Nothing like having Nana Nani over :)

  5. lovely pics.

    Read the previoud post just now. So sweet, Ojas is growing up, and is a active lovely little boy.

    Lots of hugs for Ojas darling :)

  6. @Surbhi,
    its strange how we share the similarities... i am the first born of the their first born (my mom) and they loved me and i loved them... still miss my nani who passed away some years back...

    everytime I see ojas with my mom I remember my grandma used to call her badi mummy and for the same reason I want Ojas to call my mum badi mummy

    thanks for the hugs he he


  7. @hitchwriter,
    ya i agree and the grandparents also pamper them right

    my mom and mil both clearly tell me, its our right to pamper and spoil them and its ur duty to discipline them *sigh*

    but its a pleasure beyond measure

  8. @Jajgit,
    mujhe bhi... and thanks

  9. @Swati,
    100% and since my mom has come I am missing my nani so damn much

  10. Grandparents and grandchildren- tell me about it!

    btw...loved the football kit will start searching for something similar for the Munchkin too..

    btw...lurve the header!

  11. soooooooo sweet.
    Wish my baby could spend more time with her grand parents.

  12. Loved the football goal-post, I am not able to view the first 3 pics for some reason :(
    Ojas must be thrilled!

  13. Wow! Its so nice to have grandparents around. Me too not able to see the first 3 pics :( Tried with firefox; IE too.