Monday, April 20, 2009

The Garden Story

Ojas loves being outdoors... most of u know by now but my garden is my favorite place currently

every weekend (saturday and sunday both) the following is repeated while mumma-dada water plants...

i put the pipe on the tap

start the tap

start watering

and then start playing with water

aaha the garden story cant be complete without some mud right

i decide that i dont like this pot here and hence move it

and at the end comes my super duper fav... the bath with the hose pipe

Lots of fun right? but sigh after all this which lasts about 1 hour he still refuses to come in and cries for about 10-15 mins after coming in... gosh how do i deal with this?


  1. Oh! in these summers... why don't you just let him play out there till he tires out?

  2. absolutely heavenly it must feel to feel the water afetr all taht hard work, right? Ojas?


  3. This is so adorable Monika - ur garden and undoubtedly the little prince. I don't blame him, I wouldn't want to come back from this fun either.

  4. Oh so sweet! And u have a beautiful garden. Can I play there :P

  5. Oh.. wish I could have a bath like that... maybe I should jump into the pool

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  7. who would want to come inside after so much fun outside !!
    Lol to Ojas

  8. awwww! he is soooo cute! and you cant really blame him, can you? all bacchas love space and paani on their own and if itcomes togethers, the combination is just too irrresistable!

    and gorgeous garden that!



  9. OMG! Thats the CUTEST post!! Its simply adorable the way he is doing all those tasks and enjoying himself so much. Loved the pics, esp. the one of him bathing with a hose :)

  10. Ah so cute. I love your little boy. He si adorable.
    Also, love your garden. It's sheer luxury in a city these days.

  11. @GM,
    i tried that left him in the garden for 3 hrs one day and he still cried coming back sigh

  12. @Neera,
    i agree i wouldnt want to either but then when does when get everything

  13. @SWaram,
    hey u are most welcome u can come play and manage ojas as well :D

  14. @Aathira,
    ya may be but let me tell u a bath with the hose pipe still cant be beaten oh the small joys of life

  15. @Priyanka,
    thanks, ya i love seeing him do that every week if left to him he will do it every day :D

  16. @monika,
    thanks and ya i agree thats a little luxury we have :)

  17. awww... what a cute post. Has he been to a beach yet? :-D