Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ojas proved that he is my son... he loves and adores chocolates, he got the taste of chocolate some 3 weeks back when a friend gave him one on the picnic we went to, he loved it we could all see it... but that was it both he and us forgot about it...

But sigh that was till some days back when I was reading him the foods book which has a page on chocolates and he started shouting when he saw that, initially I couldnt understand what he is saying but then realised he was trying to take the chocolate out of the book and eat :) When he couldnt take it out he asked me to and when I couldnt he took the book to every person in the house, asking them to take the chocolate out... lol, this drama went for about 15 mins post which he started crying for chocolate and N had to step out to buy one and give him... I thought these things started after sometime... needless to say that the book has been hidden forever :)

He displayed the same behavior in a party day before when he saw a girl with one, was running behind her saying Choc, choc, choc... ya thats what he calls chocolate


  1. Such experince makes you wonder who is the actual boss! So sweet

    Ojas has now learned lots of words.
    Even for Akki whenever he starts doing something which I had worried about I look back and think I was such a fool to worry so much over that thing..They do a thing only when it is the right time !!

  2. good taste he has is all i can say! :D



  3. Thats such a cute incident. I narrated it to my hubby and are so much fun! :)

  4. Lol......such a sweet little guy. Give him a little once in a while.