Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Best of Motherhood

HHG tagged me with this tag which was started by HBM and what a lovely tag it is...

Around the world in 80 clicks... lovely concept...

But this is way too tough, there are so many things I love about motherhood and 5 is way less a number...

So here are the 5 things about motherhood I love the most (atleast I think so now, it might change the next minute)

  1. those little fingers, little toes, little eyes, little nose, little ears... all of them grew inside u and that there is one person whom u will know the longest, how much ever anyone tries... we mom's still have a 9-month advantage lol
  2. the fact that when u come back home after a very hectic and tensed day, the smile the hug the kiss and the musical hi of ur little one is enough to make u forget every tension and feel blissful
  3. the fact that I am a much more responsible and caring person now, knowing that there is someone for whom I am responsible, who is depended on me... i am a better person I think
  4. the way I see myself and hubby complete and a family with my prince, the way I see the two most important people in my life be happy together and know that ya somewhere I have made the happiness possible lol
  5. that how I have become much more fearless and also a tolerant person at the same time, fearless as in will do anything to protect my son from the evil, and will do everything I can to make the world a better place to live and tolerant to the people who's only job is to criticize
I pass this tag to
areasontowrite who i think is from US originally but currently in delhi
nm (anirudh's mom) from delhi
monika from calcutta
Suma from Australia (suma am i right?)
Abha from Bangalore
Goofy Mumma from UAE
2B's Mommy from New Zealand
Life's Begins (Prisha's mom) from Netherlands
Solilo from US (I think)
IHM from pune


  1. I love this post Monika and this tag is words!!!
    Those little hands and feet will always be known to us more than anybody else... no doubt :)
    Yes they are always a delight... after a tiring day, even after they have been a pain :)

    And, like you, I also feel motherhood made me braver and even wiser person, Monika...

    Loved you heartfelt answers, and thanks for tagging me, I am so doing it just now :)

  2. loved that idea of the nine month advantage...

    i agree 5 is way too little, but you've done a great job here...

    thanks for tagging me, and i live in Singapore :)

  3. Aww..Monix. That's cutie Ojas. {{{Hugs}}}

    And your post is so touching. Yes! to all those. Motherhood has changed me in so many way.

    Thanks for tagging me. I am going to do the tag for sure.

  4. What a lovely tag. Thanks Mon. will do it soon and let you know for sure! :)

  5. That was a nice way of looking at motherhood.Thanx for doing the tag.very well written and hugs to ojas.

  6. You have done the tag so well. You are so right about the 9month advantage.

    Ojas is just too cute !

    will do the tag soon.

  7. I liked this post. Your son Ojas is really cute!

  8. @IHM,
    I agree they are delight even after they have been a pain ;) 100% with u on that

    looking forward to read urs

  9. @Suma,
    hey sorry will update that and looking forward to read urs

  10. @Solilo,
    thanks and looking forward to read urs

  11. @GM,
    i loved reading urs I think u did it better than me

  12. @Hip Grandma,
    welcome it was delight to do

  13. @2B's mommy
    thanks looking forward to read urs

  14. @Akshatha,
    thanks for letting me know will hop over and read and ya welcome to my prince's world

  15. :)

    i am gonna try and do this one today! thankoo for tagging me!!! :D

    and i loved reading yours!




    I finally got to it - and by the way, I got tagged by a U.S. mom as well - this was fun - thanks for inviting me to play along

  17. Oh this is just too soon as i read it my mind started to wonder what to write and what to leave :)
    You have written it all so beautifully.

    PS : Sorry it took me few days to respond to this...had been away (from my laptop) for efw days. Will do it soon and let you know.

  18. we just said the same things only differently nah... :)

    beautifully written!

  19. LOVED point no 1. :-D And the littleness is so awesome, isn't it?

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