Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Teenage begins....

of course the monthly... My prince turned 13 months today... This is the first time I am doing a monthly update for Ojas as off late I have realized that one for sometime I have not been able to do very regular updates to this space and two most of the update capture his antics rather than the progress and there still is so much left to say...

So my dear baby your turn 13 months today and you are slowly inching into toddler hood now... You clearly have a mind of your own and want things done the way you want... but more on that later, lets first talk about the things that you are able to do

From One, two and six steps you have now come a long way to now running all over the house, thats what you are practically doing these days... your favorite time pass these days seems to be carrying one thing in each hand and going all over the house banging them together and singing hoon hoon hoon along with that... its so hard to make u sit for sometime... we get tired but you don't...

Your Spiderman antics still continues... you love to climb just about everything... sofa, bed, centre table, stairs and you now climb them like big people one step at a time holding our hand... and only yesterday you climbed up our bed and then onto the window sill next to the bed and from there up and up on each rod in the window and went all the way to the touch the curtain rod... my sweet little spiderman...

After getting the first two teeth so late you have made a lot of progress on that front in the past one month and you now have three more teeth and one more is coming so mostly by the end of this week u will be a guy with 6 teeth :)

You have also become very smart in understanding things, you understand the meaning of the words Go, give, take... you understand what is ball and you know where are your toys... While we are on ball you love to play ball-ball, we will throw it, you will go get the ball give it back to us and then we will throw it again... and in this process sometimes the ball goes below the diwan in the hall and then when we ask you where is the ball you bend down and search for the ball below the diwan as most of the times that is where it is :) when we want to remove your clothes we say put your hands up and you are ready with you t-shirt to be removed... though its not as easy to put clothes back on you simply hate that... you are a smart boy my dear

You also love to play with building blocks, you cant make shapes as of yet but u love to attach them with one another and then remove, attach and remove and repeat...

You also seem to have a strange fascination with kitchen and everything to do with it, if u find the kitchen door open then u run inside faster than us and start opening the doors and getting all the utensils,throwing all the dal dabbas out of their places you even picked up a dabba which contained almost 2.5kgs of rice we were all surprised... boy u are taking your name too seriously

You love to squat, if u are going to sit at some place, mostly it is squatting and you are able to sit like that for a long time, your dad says you are ready for potty training on an indian seat :)

You are now also able to express what you want clearly most of the times, when you need water you hold our finger and take us to the dinning table, scream and point towards your sipper, if there is a toy you want us to play with you go pick up the toy and hand it to us... in the evening when it is time for your walk you hold your kala didi's (his new nanny) hand and drag her to the main door of the house... and then to your pram...

Another thing that you do these days that surprises us the exchange, till sometime back when you would touch anything dangerous we would divert your attention by giving your toy and taking that thing back and now you are doing the same to us, if you want something from us you simply bring a toy, give that to us and smartly take the thing you wanted... and what can we say you learned from us only...

You love to go for car rides and when the gate is open you will hold our finger take us to the road in front of our car (ya you recognize it) and go stand in front of the back door (that is where his car seat is)

And in all this you have become extremely stubborn you absolutely want things your way and if they dont happen the way you want you scream at a pitch that is unbelievable it feels like you will bring the whole house down if u are not given what you want, still trying to figure out how to deal with this...

Your eating still remains a problem though now slowly you have started to eat what we eat a little little what we eat and no mirchi no khara for you... but still there are days when you dont eat anything in the whole day I am trying to be normal about it and not fret too much over it...

You have also moved smoothly from your formula to cow's milk and are now talking cow's milk without any problems... and now the next task is to wean you from the bottle to the sipper which you are already using for drinking juice, water etc...

All in all my dear prince you are growing up way too fast and I afraid before the blink of an eye you will be all grown up with an old mom...

and now its mumma's job to change the ticker and the background will do it soon baby...

PS: somehow blogger is giving some problem in uploading pics and wanted to do this post today... pics later


  1. Happy 13th Ojas!!

    and what a rocking dude you are turning out to be!! :)

    pls do these updates everymonth O's mommy!

    loved reading this!



  2. This is such a nice thot of writing about Ojas every month. I am planning to do the same, when my time comes. He is definately goin to cherish these blogs, when he grows up.

  3. so happy for you baby..You are growing up to be a very nice person.

    A very lovely post.

    Loads of love to Ojas dear.. and hope you and your family are having a rocking new year


  4. @mama-mia,
    thanks, will sure try my best... i am liking doing it :)

  5. @saurabhmoondhra,
    thanks... he and we too else the human mind tends to forget

    looking forward to urs ;-)

  6. @Lijy,
    hey thanks...

    and how are u doing now? good to have u back... happy new year to u and ur family too