Monday, January 12, 2009

Maiden Visit to the colony park

So on Friday I took Ojas to his first visit to the Colony Park and he just fell in love with it...

he went on the swing

on the merry go round

on the slide as its supposed to be

and then on the slide ulta :)

didnt want to be held on the circular slide... i am a big boy i can go on my own

loved playing in the sand

screamed for a second round of merry go round and this time to walk on that while it was going round

Incase u have time check this video of his playing with sand (its a 58 sec video)

He had a great time and just refused to come back from there, pushing my hand away when I was trying to take him off a jhula and screaming when I wanted to bring him back home after 45 mins of fun... hopefully he will enjoy this everyday now

PS: please let me know if u can see the video, this is the first time I have uploaded a video


  1. He is looking super cute!

    And yes...this mud/sand play is always such a fun thing for these kiddos!

  2. its so totally cute, the video! will learn from ya, how its done!! :D

    and Ojas is so so sweet!!

    and kudos to you for making him wear white in the park! :p



  3. @~nm,
    thanks... ya i wonder what they like so much in sand :)

  4. @Mama - mia,
    thanks... oh that is pretty simple will tell ya on chat

    he he the white kudos goes to my maid, she is the one who put it on him that as i was in a meeting at that time and she is the one who washes it ;-)

    BTW its not really white its light brown

  5. such a cutie pie, and the green suits him well.

    Was able to view the vedeo, and look how happy he is playing in the sand.

    my kiddo too, loves playing in the sand. The cleaning up part is the toughest :)

  6. @Lijy,
    thanks... i agree the cleaning up is such a mess... the dress the shoes the hair...

  7. such cute pictures! such small things can fill one with so much happiness and fulfillment, isn't it?
    I could see the video.

  8. @PG,
    abs... small joys are the best :)

  9. very cute. I loved the video :)

  10. awww...super cute snaps...and the birthday ones are adorable too....

  11. Really nice post. The park near house seems to be very nice! I wish we had more such parks near our apartment.

  12. @ruchika,
    thanks and welcome here... the park is indeed very nice and its fun to see all the kids playing there in the evenings