Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Animal kingdom and me

We went to coorg this weekend... though I will do the full update and pics later, could resist sharing these ones...

Ojas saw some chickens on our friend's estate and just feel in love with them... was running all around trying to catch them... my friends daughter was a little scared but dare devil... naah...

standing on a higher ground watching them

and running after them

And then there was some dogs that were caged because of the two children and he wanted to touch them and wanted them to come out...


  1. awww! thats so cute! so total fun was had in coorg, eh?! :)

    he is looking so so CUTE!! will wait for a whole update!



  2. awwwwww...so cute. He is going to be one toughie

  3. hey he's beautiful


  4. @Mama - Mia,
    ya ya total fun and this guy was on a roll :)

    will do the full update on my travel blog soon

  5. @monika,ansh
    he sometimes scares me... not afraid of anything just yesterday he put hand in our neighbor's dogs mouth, thankfully he is very friendly dog but not all are