Monday, January 5, 2009


Yesterday evening i was feeding Ojas his dinner and our neighbor came down, Ojas has met her before but I dont know what came over him yesterday as soon as he saw her he started crying and then he would look at her and cry harder, she went to the other room he became quite and then he saw her again and cried even harder... just wondering what was it? he has never done this before so I am confused and worried... Any clues people?


  1. Wsa she dressed differently? maybe Ojas was just cranky & would have reacted the same way to any stranger.

  2. oh! kids do that sometimes. Cubby who is ever smiling always cries like crazy when he sees one friend of ours! even now!

    he actually runs into our godi and shivers. makes friends eventually! par tab tak its crazy crying!

    plus i think some kids develop stranger anxiety a little late! Cubby is not as friendly as he used to be earlier!

    so dontcha worry!



  3. Sorry but don't have any answer to this. Anirudh did that too couple of times and I never found out why.

    Once when he was 8 months and hubby came out of the bath without a vest and Anirudh howled looking at hubby like that! So hubby gave betu back to me and started to wear his vest and slowly his cries turned into whimpers and stopped finally when hubby was dressed. It was so hilarious.

    Just don't worry and tell him that it was Aunty etc.

  4. stranger anxiety

    and even if teh person is familiar - some looks dont go down well- even some smells

    just give him some time- no force and politely let teh vsiito know it is neither's fault else tehy may feel hurt

  5. @monika,ansh
    actually he was in a surprisingly good mood even though he was eating... ya may be u are right

  6. @mama - mia,
    ya i guess each to his own

  7. @~nm,
    now thats funny... children they do some things and poor souls cant even explain why they did it :(

  8. @artnavy,
    thats what we did that but were surprised cause he never did it before but then i guess there is always a first time