Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Splash Splash

We went to a friends house for a brunch, it was a hot day and the children wanted to have a dip in the pool... So the older children accompanied with their daddy's (the mommy werent prepared with their gears)... now seeing all children jump in the pool... my little prince wanted to go to... we had no swimming diaper and this was the first time he would have gone in the pool... but the children pool was pretty shallow so we decided to take him in and what a blast he had.... he took to water like a fish

After some 1 hour in the pool he still didnt want to come back

PS: this post has been lying in my drafts since almost two months as I didnt have the snaps with me... these days he goes to the pool almost everyday like a pro... swimming diaper, tube and the cap in place :)


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  2. Too cool ...keep it up Oju..u look awesome

  3. Its always such a delight to see our lil ones in the pool. They are so happy, feeling on top of the world! Lovely pics of Lil Oju.


  4. Awww... My li'l darling! He looks so cute!