Friday, May 8, 2009


this is what Ojas is singing since yesterday, Dodo dodo dodo

Every 30 mins once he would take one of us to the kitchen and say dodo dodo

Any guesses what it could be???

Ok let me tell u its Ladoo :):)

Naani made besan dodo yesterday as he turned 17 months yesterday (I know the post is due, it will be up soon) and he loved it so much that its the only thing he wants to eat needless to say naani is flying in air

Its actually so cute to hear him say dodo dodo


  1. Ooooh....chooooooo chuweeeeeet !!

    pls put a pic of his dodo act in your next 17month post !

  2. Aww.....that's just too cute.
    I too love Besan Ladoos :)

  3. Oh kisses!!! I want dodo too. And I think his cheeks are yummy dodo too.

  4. Dodo. Hahaaa.. I wonder wot I used to say when I was........... was soo long back, dude. Don even rememeber. Not tht I can rememeber things 2 days back..but thats not the point. :-)

    yep, put on his pic with dodo plate on the side. Wot u doin???

  5. i thought he was asking for something saying Do do! :D

    he is too cute!

  6. So sweet! I want dodos too :)

  7. I say some kids are so cute we call them also little dodos :)

  8. Dodo...Thats so sweet of him! Happy 17th to Ojas.