Monday, May 25, 2009

Emotional Blackmail

is a technique that Ojas seems to have mastered off late...

These days whenever I scold him a little and tell him if u do this mumma wont talk to u... he comes and gives me paari (cups my face with both hands and brings the hands down), gives me a tight hug literally squeezes me with sound and then gives me kisses on left cheek first, then the right cheek and then on the lips...

now tell me how can anyone be angry with him post that


  1. so cute!! just too adorable..

  2. they really knw how to twist us around nah... imp does the same thing...

  3. oh ya totally they are so so clever

  4. Awww...that must feel so wonderful. I absolutely LOVE it when Ash cups my face with her hands and kisses me on the lips....outta this world feeling.
    Yeah, no way can you be angry after that. One smart Lil boy he is!