Thursday, May 28, 2009

happy or sad?

So what is a mom supposed to do when her 17-month (ok almost 18 month) old comes to her shows his nails and says nails cut...

should she be proud that her sons knows what are nails and that they are grown and they should be cut and finally communicates this or be ashamed of herself that she didnt see that it needs cutting :)


  1. LOL! I guess you should be proud and happy that you don't need to keep a careful watch on his nails anymore. :)


  2. That is some kid you got there. My 26 year old is happily oblivious - his wife nags him to cut his!

  3. O i would be bloating with pride on anything like this :) Dunno when that would come.
    Enjoy the time!

  4. soon he will take the cutter form the drawer and do it himself :) how they grow up.. sigh!!

    hehe be happy i say :) & hope there does not come a time when he starts chopping them off with his teeth while watching cartoon fights..


  5. be happy to have such a smart kid thing which u need not worry abt as he will ask it himself :-)