Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smart 17

If this month can be called anything it has to be smart, u have shown us smartness in everthing... sometimes u have even behaved too mart for ur own good lol

U have learned so many new words that its unbelievable...u have a word for almost everything now... u have become the constant chatterbox of the house and even starting to put two words together and use sometime like kaha hai (kahan hai), aa jaao, go out (the favorite one)... and i can see what everyone was saying coming soon... our wish that u should keep quite some time

Now that I am at home you are truly becoming a mumma's boy, though I take secret pleasure in it too but man its not funny.... when I am sitting on my laptop and he is around he pulls my finger so hard that sometimes I feel that my finger will go with him if I dont :) there are times when I cant even go to the loo, u stand outside the door keep banging it and shouting mumma mumma till I come out... sigh

Your motor skills are improving quite a lot now, u can open and close almost all containers effortlessly now (screwing ones including), u love playing with ur stacking drums, u open them close them and are able to place it on top of one another all of them... and that leaves your mumma grinning with pride

You love making tower of your building blocks and join till 10 of them together to make a tower....

Some time back V aunty gifted u an animal set and now u recognize all animals in it, what is a zebra,loin, elephant, rhino, giraffe,hippo... when we ask u to bring one the named animal u without fail bring that one and this we taught u only twice :) of course there are times when u dont want to play this game and that time the first animal we ask u, u smartly bring all of them and give it to us :)

U have also started to learn animal sounds now, u do it well for cat, lion and dog... say cat u start meaow same for lion (sheru) and dog....

Eating for you still is a thing which should not be done... sigh but its ok am taking it easy though somewhere a little tensed as u are dropping percentiles...

Another major thing that happened this month was your introduction to TV, u had not seen TV till last month and mumma had thought of slowly introducing u to it after u become 18 months but selfish mumma and dada couldnt compromise on IPL and hence u see TV now :) the IPL matches.... and seeing IPL u have also started to play cricket with ur dada....its so cute to see u holding bat and flying it in air.... my youngest cricket player :) but guys any suggestions for good videos to start with?

Now wasnt this a smart month :)

PS: I am yet again late for this post... and this time I dont even have an excuse... sigh


  1. This is not done ...NO PIC of the smarty ???

  2. Now on is the cutest stage - loved this time, they can communicate clearly and what all they want to communicate!
    This is also a dicey age, everyday we are learning something new! If we thought they can't climb up on stools and reach something we wanted safe from their eager hands... lol we are in for some very busy times!1

  3. Lovely update Moniks. Happy 17th to Ojas & mom. Regardig videos, u can start with Little Einstein. Those are really good. Ansh was in love with Teletubbies too.
    Now, share some picture, will ya?

  4. happy 17th to the smart l'il guy! and am so glad to see a kid who PLAYS with his toys! Cubby just throws his tacking buckets around and same goes for blocks too! sigh!

    he sounds more adiorable as months pass by!



  5. @swati,
    wait for the next post, i thought i did so many picture posts for him last month i thought it would have been suffice but looks like no :(

  6. @ihm,
    oh ya 100% with u on that its a interesting busy and also dangerous stage to be in

    he is doing some stunt or the other everyday these days

  7. @namesake,
    will try those

    and ya ya wait pics coming

  8. @abha,
    only for sometime in the day else he is making the household thing toys sigh

  9. Definitely a smart month. Happy 17 months Ojas ! Its must be so much fun to hear him talk, and so exciting to watch him build blocks and identify animals. A fun age this is!

  10. Wow! I wasn't aware of your Mommy blog until now. This is a real fun place. I must visit more often. Mind if I blogroll you right away?

  11. I meant, I'd blogroll your other blog, if u would like to keep this one personal :-)