Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chandamama Door Ke

I was so reminded of this rhyme today when my little one wanted to catch the moon... Oflate he has started to fall in love with the moon...

Some 10 days back his daadi took him out in the evening to show him moon and since then he wants to see it everyday and one day in between on a no moon night he was really sad and frustrated that he cant see it... he was searching all over the sky and done doing his waving action to represent its not there and do huhn huhn... He refused to come back inside and it was only after 10mins that he was convinced that its really not there and came back in...

And tonight he wanted to catch the moon... poor fellow was trying hard very hard to stretch himself to reach the moon...

my son wants to now reach the moon....


  1. Awww... I hope the li'l brat reaches the moon and wherever else he'd desire to, and bring back all the stars in the sky for his wonderful Mummy. (((hugs))) - to Ojas and you too, Monika!

  2. Superb!!
    This is the sign of new generation...
    Great going Oju

  3. Maybe he wants to get it for his mommy ;) A very sweet boy.

  4. awww..so cute... may he get the moon and much more in life!!

  5. and reach he will one day! :)

    i think all kids are fascinated by moon. i first saw it with my niece and then Cubby too. his face is totally sad when there is no moon. i tell him moon gone ghummi! and poor kid repaets it sadly! :)