Sunday, March 22, 2009

Very belated 15th

ok so u have a very bad mumma baby, she is late by two weeks for ur 15th month post... its almost like missing the update but this time she swears the fault is not hers... she had the text written so long back and was waiting for the damn usb chord of the camera to upload pics and sadly she hasnt been able to find it yet... so now I go and do the update without pics finally

The past month has good u are becoming more and more independent now... so if there is a mantra for the last month it has to be independence... u want to eat on ur own... drink on ur own so what if u drop half of it and u are even trying to take bath on ur own... u are able to very nicely drink from a sipper now BTW and u drink ur water and juice urself... and u tell us also when u want it ofcourse by sign language as i think u have decided not to speak

coming to speaking... we are still to hear u speaking... u blabber a lot but not really talking yet... it did get me worried initially but then i am fine... take ur own time as i know when u start u wont stop :)

U have become such a mumma's boy, if u see ur mumma around then u dont want anyone else...not even ur dad... though this is secretly giving me pleasure but baby this is not good and sometimes so tough for mumma too...

the train fever that u started last month has totally spread like an epidemic throughout the house... anyone who hears the train now says oh train and goes to the back door to see it... and ya that is even if u are not around :)

Its a delight to see u everyday morning with ur dadi doin pooja... the nastik daddy and the lazy mumma dont do any pooja anyways so u decided that u have to make up for their sins and do jai jai every morning with ur dadi

We started thinking of potty training u last month and I thought the first step is to just let u loose and hence I bought some underwears and my 24*7 diaper ojas started running around in the house without them and peeing all over the house...and each time he did pee i had told my maid to take her to the bathroom and clean him... what I didnt expect is that now he is taking us to the bathroom 30% of the time he wants to pee, the first time he pulled my hand to take me to the loo i thought he wants to play with water and didnt take him and then he did susu... the next time he told me i paid attention and when he did pee i was on seventh heaven he he... agreed he does it only 30% of the time and agreed sometimes after taking him there he doesnt do and does just when we step out but atleast he is telling me...

but my dear ojas u absolutely refuse to sit on ut potty seat... so i think for me it'll be toilet training for u first and potty training later...

One very good thing u have learned is to keep things back at their places and u have learned it way to much and there are times when u are seeing keeping mom's clips and bag, dad's phone and all the other things at their places too and ur toys have to be have to be in their place... i hope this continues...

love u baby... u are growing u way too fast ( i think this is how I end all my monthly updates)

And people guess what is oju's lullaby these days... I bet u cant... its none other than Genda phool... glad that he has a good taste in music :)


  1. momma is immersed in work it seems... but better late than never...

    hey bout him starting to speak.. your on the money there.. once he starts he wont stop... tell me bout it... we ask my son so many times where is your pause button baba....

    but he wont !!!

  2. Thats great that Ojas is getting aware of using the toilet for his pee-pee. But not using his potty eh? If Ash refuses to use her potty then I'll have to use it as a hat for myself, it costs 40 frigging dollars!! :)
    Independent, keeping things in place AND a Momma's boy, what more can a mom ask for?! :)

  3. Awww... Happy 15th month to my sweetheart!

    Arre don't worry Monika, he'll kearn to use his potty. Get him a pretty one shaped like an animal or cartton character - maybe that'll help. My cousin had a pink potty shaped like a throne and she loved it. There were times when she used to sit on it and her Mom used to ask "Ho gaya susu/Kar li potty?" and she was like "Susu/Potty nahin mere ko chair pe baithna hai Papa ke jaise." LOL...

    Its great to know that Ojas likes keeping things at their place. That's a brilliant thing, and I'm afraid I don't do that (and I'm 26).

    Lotsa hugs and kissies to Ojas! Mwaaahhh...

  4. wow!! :) he sure is a quick learner aint he?! :)

    and i always thought pee training was more difficult!

    and even baby center says start between 18-24months! so whats the rush?!

    as for talking he will when he wants to!! :D

    hugs to the l'il guy!

  5. i love gendha phool too

    30% is very good progress

  6. Aww..what a lovely update. Missing the pictures though. Don't u worry abt the toilet training. Will happen. :)
    Happy 15th Ojas.

  7. he is turning out to be one smart chap ..How can he know to keep his toys properly..he is learing all the right things from u I guess

    Lots of love and kisses to him !!

  8. wow...i know how you feel...they are growing up w-a-y too fast...and he toilet trained himself? awesome!

    as for potty training, I think i'll wait for you to achieve it and then I'll follow suit..hehe..

    looking forward to the pics in the next post :)

  9. hey, nice...he is learning things on his own and baby of a smart mom...ofcourse i dont know much about dad....

  10. @hitch writer,
    i know dhiren... every one tells me that so much that I have now started the dreading the day he'll speak... lol!

  11. @priyanka,
    ROFL... using potty seat as a hat... that could be the new fashion statement

  12. @Surbhi,
    I know i am worried... taking it easy there... i have actually bought a seat cover which fits on the normal throne for us... eaiser and less messier but if he doesnt still sit it for it a month may be will get a seat

    and tell me about it... i am 32 and i still dont do it and what a shame for me my 15 months old son is keeping my things on place too now :)

    but surubhi u are partial... u never give hugs to me... always only to ojas :(

  13. @abha,
    i didnt really start, infact that is what surprised me the most... i never took him to the loo to do it... i just picked it on his own :) i had just thought of making him aware of the wetness, he is a long long way from being fully trained though

  14. @art,
    me too ya it is that too really without teaching

  15. @monika,ansh
    i know i am not at all worried actually surprised that he picked it

  16. @vandana,
    from me???? ha ha ha... he is the one teaching me I think... these days he is picking up my things and keeping it on place... lol

  17. @muchkin,
    he is not fully toilet trained yes but whatever it is its his own achievement... mumma has no contribution in it...

    ya sure me taking tips from abha u take from me ;-)

    the pics will be up soon hopefully

  18. @saurabhmoondhra ,
    now that makes mumma happy and dad is a smarty too... mumma assures u :)