Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Missing Pictures

on popular demand... here is a post of the pictures that were missing from the last monthly post (yaaa i found the usb cable finally)

chilling out on stairs with dad... its such a rare thing to see him sit

in dad's shoes already :)
sunday classifieds is officially mine are baba i have to find my wife right?

my independent boy drinking from the sipper

ok so this one has a story, long back I bought this from Tambourine from mothercare long back and once he took it to his massi and she sang the song famous dhapli walle dhapli baja baja and he loved it, no whenever he sees his massi he takes this to her and makes her sing the song over and over again... we are all fed up of the song, if massi is not there then mumma has to sing the song but massi sings it the best... so much so that once massi was not there and i was singing as soon as she came he snatched it from me and gave to massi :) and now he has started playing it himself :)
trying to catch the moon

may be massi will get it for me

i love my tent, play hide and seek in it, just look thru the net... thanks to my friend akki(and ok uncle-aunite too for it)

my pushcart, what if i have a very expensive fisher price pushcart... i choose a stool my wish
doing pooja with dadi

last but not the least resting after jumping in my fav place... the colony park


  1. Aww......lovely pictures. Ecah of them is special. YOu captured beautiful moments Monika. :)

  2. Awww... lovely pics... your tempting me to start a blog for my son !!

    lovely pics really...

    touchwood !

  3. This is such a lovely post, and done with so much love!

    God bless!

  4. awww... he is a darling!! Beautiful moments, love the trying to catch the moon one...

    kala tika lady :)

  5. loved the pics. The catching the moon one is my favourite.

    Great work !

  6. All the pics are just so adorable..I feel like giving tight puchhas to him. I hope we get to meet up soon

  7. great pictures the earlier blogs are complete ..

    lol to Ojas !

  8. @monika,ansh
    thanks monika... these are memories for life isnt it :)

  9. @hitch writer,
    looking forward to that great idea i would say

  10. @Imp's mom,
    thanks i know my heart melted away when he was doing that

  11. @2B's mommy,
    thanks and that is my fav too

  12. @~nm,
    thanks... i will pass ur puchas... me too i am planning something soon I hope it does work out... will ping u if it does

  13. Such lovely pics, he looks absolutely CUTE!! So he's a little 'Dafli-wala' now, Rishi Kapoor Jr. :)

  14. He is super cute! Infact he reminds me a lot of the my Munchkin.
    You have trouble in store for you later...he's quite a looker ;)

  15. @priyanka,
    lol rishi kapoor jr :) :)

  16. @muchkin's mom,
    ya when i read and saw muchkin i felt the same

    and ya and he is also showing the signs of being a flirt... he went and kissed a girl the other day in shopper's stop

  17. He is so cute! Kala tikka :)

  18. such lovely pics.

    Loved the tent, was planing to get Jason one.

    hugs for Ojas :)

  19. aww lovely..all of them. I waiting to see your pick for the pic tag :)

  20. awwwww! he is such a cutie pie!! :) i just love his smile!! so bright and naughty! mmuuaahh!