Friday, July 11, 2008


my nonu tonu is fallen sick again... the diaper rash was just abut healing when the attack of loose stools has come once again, i think it is the same infections which didn't get fully healed cause as soon as the antibiotic has stopped the problem is back again... poor guy , get well soon my darling


  1. sweetie had been going through the same for last 2-3 weeks now - so called diaper rash which was some bacterial infection, first creams didnt work, then antibiotics for a week didnt work- but finally some other strong cream worked. And now she is getting better. keep getting something.
    Wishing Ojas perfect health !!

  2. @monsooner,
    thanks he is much better now...

    @life begins,
    ya i guess this is how life is and as our mom's used to say this is how they will grow up strong, he is feeling much better now