Friday, July 4, 2008

the first sickness

Poor Nonu tonu had his first last week and it was such a terrible one, I was working from home on Friday and he was playing with his dadi and nanny... after sometime I just went there to play with him for 5 minutes and then get back to work and he felt really warm and when I checked his temperature it was about 101.4, i got so worried and immediately took him to his doctor, he said it might just be viral but lets do a urine test to rule out , UTI (there is an intersting story there, more about that later), so the medications started...fever still remained the same infact shot upto 102.2 and all... and starting saturday he started vomiting and tehen came loose motions... one point time on sunday we were so scared as he was not able to take anything inside due to vomitings and at the same time passing loose motions. the only thing that he was able to keep inside was electrol. He has become so unlike himself quite innocent boy, looking at him I couldn't control my tears. Monday we went to the doc again and poor guy had lost 250gms in 4 days because of all this, doc asked us to do a stool test for him and it came out he has a terrible stomach infection and he is on antibiotic now for 7 days... after the antibiotic has started he is feeling much better now

When I digged hard and tried to figure out how this could happen when I am so particular about cleaning everything - here comes the answer... there was no current in our house on thursday and hence the sterilizer was not working, it didnt strike his nanny and dadi that the bottles will not be sterilized and they gave him just boiled bottles........ one mistake the child suffers so much... poor guy

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