Friday, December 12, 2008

My mumma has no work

because I do all my mumma's work....

I make idlis for her

i try and arrange the kitchen :)

and to top it all I do her office work too


  1. REally cute :) and belated happy b'day! How did you celebrate it???

    ps: Pls tell me does O sleep by himself? How did you train him. Obv am losing sleep literally :)

  2. lol.......really cute pictures of boh mumma & beta :)

  3. aww! he is too cute!! :D

    give my hugs to the l'il helper!



  4. @cuckoo,
    thanks... the next post is on the bday party :)

    and lol!!! welcome to the club... he doesnt till abt a week back he was sleeping only with a bottle of milk and he doesnt sleep with that its rocking and singing (totally out of tune) of 10 mins post that but ya he sleeps at abt 9pm everyday in his own cot and gets up only in the morning at 7 or so....

    is button troubling u with sleep? is it not sleeping thru the night or not sleeping by himself?

  5. @mama - mia,
    thanks... i passed ur hugs