Friday, December 19, 2008

Being Fair

Ojas decided to surprise us yesterday... he actually does little each time he does something new but this time he surpassed himself...

He got this keyboard as gift on his birthday

The other he and N were playing with this sitting on the cot in the hall and the child in me woke up, I went to N had a friendly fight and brought it with me to sofa... After a minute he saw me, saw N... got down from the cot walked right up to me... took the keyboard... went back to N and just gave it to him... nothing else just handed the keyboard to him and started playing with something else

Now he was just being fair right?


  1. Definitely!!

    He had to help Papa from the bully Mumma!

  2. @~nm,
    ya bully mama sure... u said like N now :)

  3. boys will be boys.when his sister arrives there will be more balance in the family.But wait, I've heard that boys side their moms and girls their dads.What's happening?

  4. Ahh poor you. That was such a cute gesture. My son is all mine till he sees his dad home.

  5. @hip grandma,
    oh no i think i can never just handle two kids atleast thats what i think now :)

    and even i thought so.. poor me

  6. that's so cute and amazing too! at this young age. wonderful!

  7. @PG,
    ya that is what surprised me too...