Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Birthday Party

7th Dec was my 1st birthday and I had a blast... The celebrations started on 4th when my nanu and badi mummy came from Delhi for my bday... I went to my nanu immediately but with badi mummy main those bhav khaaye....

Then on 6th evening my tata, one more dada and dadi and prakash uncle arrived for the party and then 7th on evening my dearest Isha massi arrived along with one nana-nani and more nani from delhi... oh god I am totally confused... so many nana-nani's and so many dada-dadi's... uffff

My mumma wanted to take me to SoS Village to distribute some goodies and food there but dad thought I am too young for that and said we will do it from next year, mumma then went by herself on Wednesday and donated some goodies there...

I kept playing with so many people from morning and I even eat the sooji halwa that badi mummy made for my birthday...

And then in the evening the party started... mom-dad had called a photographer to click snaps of the party and he came early at home to click my snaps, after all I was the hero of the day...

see how cute I am looking....

and then me, mumma and dad got ready for the party... I dressed up in a black suit (I refused to wear the jacket though... it was too hot).... and someone in the party told me that I am looking Salman Khan :) here we are all three dressed to go to the party

The party hall was decorated with noddy and characters and ballons...

Lots of people gave me gifts and i took them so happily, i actually wanted more....

I made friends

and one girlfriend too :)

There was a tattoo artist also at the party, mummu wanted me also to get a tattoo but I didnt want to sit there... why waste time there is so much to enjoy...

Then there was a huge bouncer, all my friends had lots of fun on it

I went on the bouncer too...

And there were a lot of games which I couldnt play, next year I play them all...

And then it was cake time...

BTW did u notice mumma put me my jacket now... no check this pic out...

Mumma had also kept one album of mine for people to see my first year progress and also one scrap book in which people can write me wishes... the idea is that when I grow up I can read the same... everyone loved my pics after all I am so cute

and at the end here me with my family...
this one is both my lovely massi's, nanu and badi mummy

and this one my dadi, bua, uncle, didi and bhaiya

and thats my chennai tata

And did I tell u I got lots and lots and lots of gifts, I love some, I ignore some but for that I will ask my mumma to tell u...

I had a lot of fun on my birthday.... why dont birthdays come every week


  1. lovely pics..looks like a great party...a very happy birthday to Ojas...

  2. :)

    his was looking so cute that day! i didnt manage to take a single snap with him and Cubby! some otha time!

    and i have to tell ya, the mudpie served at the party was brilliant! :p

    heres wishing Ojas more fun every year!



  3. wow, that ws sure a cool b'day party... and u look really cute in the black dress :-D

    wish you more and more fun filled birthdays...

  4. @mama - mia,
    I have some cubby snaps but in the frame with Ojas too :( next time may be when we do the cubbon park trip

    oh thanks...

    and thanks for the wishes again

  5. Seems like good fun. And I loved the idea of having a scrap book for the guests to write their messages. It will be so wonderful for Ojas to be reading them later.

    And I so wanted to dig in the cake!

  6. sounds like one fun celebration and sure Ojas seems to have had fun. Nice to see him in his suit. Many happpy returns with many fun filled bdays like this.

  7. Such a lovely party and he sure looked great. Am sure you all had a wonderful day.

    Best of wishes for the Hero!!

  8. lovely photos, loved the idea of scrap book and may many happy returns of the day to Bday boy !

  9. Aww....what a lovely party. Loved the idia of having a scrap book at the party :)
    Ojas is looking so very cute & I love the way u look in a sari. Very lovely.

  10. Wow,
    God bless the handsome hunk.
    The idea of a scrap book is brilliant and Unique. Got to learn this from you.
    Thanks for sharing the little man's party with us.

  11. Wow quite a follow up of the party...
    he is very cute.... but trust me he will be a big flirt one day... lolz
    look at his face when he is looking at his friend...

    Happy belated Birthday to Ojas:)

  12. @~nm,
    ya i picked up that idea from a website once loved it so implemented it

    and cakes any cake i see i want to dig into it :)

  13. @Life Begins,
    ya we all had fun and i was so glad Ojas had fun too because i was scared just like u that he will become very crannky but he was enjoying the party :)

  14. @Monika,Ansh
    thanks and ya i love wearing sarees too :)

  15. @Mampi,
    thanks yaar... i also picked it from a site

  16. @Afaque,
    thanks... and ya i am preparing myself for that :)

  17. Happy Birthday to Ojas, he looks adorable, lovely pictures, what a great lot of memories being created here!

    ... and that's a gorgeous sari, love that colour :)

  18. @IHM,
    thanks ya started this blog with the same intention, one day just realized I am forgetting the small things he used to do some 3 weeks before and hence decided to keep this log

  19. love you ojas.Happy b'day my child though belated.Nice photos smart kid of smart parents!Runs in the genes.

  20. Hey Monica, I see where Ojas (lovely name!) gets his good looks from. Momma and Daddy have both contributed, though I'd still say he looks like you.
    Rise and shine, little brat! And you better keep your Mom on her toes!
    Blogrolling you!