Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Prince

I know this is a delayed post and I am feeling so guilty for this but I was like drowned in the party preparations and handling guests at home and to top it all there was a sudden flood of work in office.

So my prince turned 1 on Sunday 7th December, 2008. If you ask me I really cant believe the very fact that he feels like only yesterday when he was born and he is officially a toddler now... times moves fast...

But all through the first year he has been a darling baby an absolutely adorable nice chap (actually which baby isnt it)

The year has been a roller coaster ride and we have really enjoyed it all through... shouting at times, laughing sometimes and crying too....

In the past one year my little baby prince u have come a long way to just lying at one place when u were born to not lying still even for a minute now... He is walking rather I should sday he is running because that's what he does... both hands up in the front moving up and down and he running as fast as he can is a sight that steals my heart away and everyone's who sees like u that...

He is a really smart chap and a drama king already... he knows exactly what he needs to do get stuff from whom, to dadi he will simply go and start whimpering to be carried in godi... with massi he makes a puppy dog face and gets whatever he wants to... with heartless mom and dad the poor guy is having a little tough time though :) but he manages blackmailing them too most of the time with hugs and kisses... when I take something from him and he wants it back he very sweety comes sits in my lap, gives me a hug then a kiss and then looks at the thing he wants back... now tell me who can resist....

and the drama is at the highest display at time of food... the minute he is in his high chair or he sees his food bowl, he is sleepy no matter how much he has slept already he starts rubbing his eyes pulling his hair and sometimes even faking a yawn... and if that doesn't work he has a stronger drama... he tries vomiting like gestures... take him out of that chair, take the food away and all the sleep and vomit just go away along with the food :) the day he eats atleast one meal properly I feel like jumping in joy....

the other thing he is doing which I simply cant get over is clapping... he has learned to clap so cutely, u tell him Oju clap and thak he starts clapping and the best is... if he does something like balle balle or kicking the ball or eating his biscuit he expects us to clap and if we don't he leaves everything and claps for himself.... BTW he is really kicking the ball very well too :)

the other thing he loves to do is to be in kitchen... he opens the lower drawer... takes out all the utensils, and sits in that himself :) if u leave the kitchen door open he will reach there in a minute from any part of the house...

His dadi says he is a really smart kid basically any new thing u need to teach him only once or twice and he picks it up sometimes he picks it up just looking at u... the other day we weer all sitting and I saw him rubbing his thumb and the finger together and was surprised that how did he pick that up and why is he doing it and then I saw my sis was doing just the same and he was looking at her and imitating her... my little monkey

Happy first birthday my little prince your mom and dad love a lot... I hope u are as naughty as this forever :)

PS: we had a blast of a party and the details and the pics in the next post have tooooooooooooo much work to finish


  1. wishing him many many happy b'days to come :)

  2. Many many happy returns to the drama king..I am sure, he has taken lot of traits from his mom, these are just few of them ;)

  3. i can imagine how tired you must be after that awesome party!! :)

    and Ojas look dapper in suit-boot!! totally cute and handsome!!

    heres wishing him a life time of happiness and joy!



  4. Happy Birthday der Ojas. Looking forward to your Party update!

  5. Happy Birthday to Prince ! Waiting for pics

  6. @swati,
    thanks ans ya coming soon

  7. Belated birthday wishes to the little prince!

    No pictures of the celebrations??

  8. @~nm,
    thanks... the next post is that