Monday, February 23, 2009

Mera mummy papa kahan hai

Saturday we had planned to catch a 10pm movie show and hence we gave him his night bath and put him his night suit, cuddled with him and then gave him to his nanny to give him his milk (ya i know he should be leaving the bottle but i trying) drinking which he sleeps without fail... and we left the house

and he finished his milk and didnt sleep... my maid tells me that he started doing actions that he wanted to go out of the room and he made her take him to every room of the house even the bathrooms :) searching for us is what we all guess...

when he didnt find us in the house he made her take him out, saw that the car is not there and did his usual act of waving hands when he doesnt find anything and then came back to his room long faced and slept...

My god my baby when did u grow up so much to understand this much and miss us too :)


  1. melted my heart ! Such a sweetie !

    BTW, which movie did you go to ?

  2. that was really nice, read ur blog for almost one hour now, loved the video and all snaps, lovely.

    U sud lock all photos and videos on the blog to avoid any unwanted use of them, just a suggestion.

    Lovely reading the posts

  3. Aww poor baby, must have really missed you.

  4. Awww... Such a sweetheart. Poor baby. Bad bad mommy-daddy! :P

  5. awwwwwww! thats so cute! they are sensitive arent they?!

  6. @2B's mommy,
    thanks... mine too

    went to delhi6 and loved it

  7. @Prachi Pandey,
    thank u so much

    hey thats a good suggestion but me curios how to do it?

  8. @Priyanka,
    ya i agree... i have been doing that from sometime... i think take him to movies as i dont think its a good idea but this time he surprised me

  9. @Mama - Mia,
    ya very and oflate he is become more and more sensitive of these things

  10. @Monika,ansh
    i do that on everything he does these days :)

  11. mrea papa mummy he sabe guge ya mere jane papa mummy ya mera papa ka name Dr.bhawnar singh ya our mere ka name geeta ya