Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fantastic Fourteen

Baby I know I am late in doing this post but I was busy... sorry

So what a month it has been the last one... The most important thing that dominated the whole of last month was your ability to understand things... U absolutely amaze at the amount of things you understand

U were already understanding the basic instructions like give, go, take etc last month and now u are understanding even instructions like "Pick it up and put it here" which really amazes me... If we ask u to get our phone to us then you go and search for the person's phone and hand it to them... mumma will get her phone, dada his and massi hers...

U know where your biscuits and cheerios are kept and when u feel like eating something you take us there...

U know what socks are where they are kept, u also seem to understand that you have wear them in the feet and one day mumma caught you trying to wear the socks....

U surely understand when it is time for mom and dada to go to work, as soon as you see them picking up their laptops you run to door before they can reach the door... u have also learned how to open the door lock though I am glad that u dont have enough strength yet to do it ;-)

U know what is head and hands now.... when asked for head u so cutely take ur hand to ur head and keep it there and u wave your hands when asked where are hands...

There is a train track behind our house and u love to see the train... U can hear it before any of us can and then u pull us towards the back door and point that u want to see the train and when it comes u see with such concentration that when can believe that u would be a engine driver one day, today morning around 6am there was a train passing and in half sleep u got up to see the train... and when u were done thak u were sleeping on mumma's shoulders again... unfortunately mumma couldnt

U also seemed to have mastered the art of facemaking... the kind of expressions you give these days is just beyond imagination.... when u get angry u make a round face with lips protruding out... When u are hiding something from mumma u make that nuaghty innocent face that ur dada loves to see and u also roll your both your hands to show over these days or when u cant find something...

Ur fav game these days is hide and seek, we hide and then call and u search for us and when u find us your laughter at that time is most precious thing baby... and from some days u are trying to hide yourself too... u'll go behind the sofa and then do uhh uhh...

You have finally give a flying kiss... and what a process that was from putting our hands on our mouths when asked for a flying kiss, then to putting your hands on our mouth, then to taking your hand to your mouth and just letting it be there you are finally now blowing flying kisses....

Eating has touch wood slightly improved this month, though what started as sharing has become your perfect tool to not eat when u dont want to... u dont like the food stuff it in mumma's mouth... each time she tries to give u a spoon give the biggest smile possible and divert the spoon to mumma and bingo problem solved....

After being so good in understanding u are still zero in talking, there is not even one comprehensible word u are saying tell now... mumma is dying to be called mumma baby....when will u start talking?

Over all u are being a very nice baby... Mumma loves u a lot....


  1. My god !! many things already ...He is one intelligent fellow

  2. lots of love to Ojas. One smart guy at 14 months isn't he?

  3. The way he is going, the day isn't too far !

    Loved the post.

  4. @vandana,
    kids grow up very fast my dear... akki will be doing all this and more soon :)

  5. @2b's mommy,
    i so hope that


  6. a lovely post! he's a sweet little guy and smart at that!

  7. awwwww!! he is so cute! and very very cool! dont they keep amazing us all the time!

    rock on dude!



  8. time flies. Happy 14th little boy

  9. @Mama - Mia,
    I agree with every new thing they do we are amazed... I guess its more to do with us... we dont want them to grow