Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ojas's hair had off late started resembling a rock star like umkempt mane so we decided its high time we gave him a haircut... Me and N have given him some kind of a cut twice before at home but now that he has grown up a bit we thought it would be good if we took him to a professional hair dresser... so the search began sometime back and the other day we stumbled upon a nice Family Spa and Saloon in brookefields and saw that they have a nice kiddie corner so it was decided this is going to be it...

We took Ojas there this Saturday evening... this is how the place looks like...

Aint it pretty...

Ojas was very kicked to see the place, I dont blame him I was too :) so the guy started put the drape around him and he was really happy with that too...

While he was peacefully getting his haricut done my heart was throbbing when will the screams start... and then there it was he first removed his cape and then started to meddle with his hair and the dresser's comb and scissor

and then N had to hold his hands and this is how he became my heart pained to see him wail...

but the guy was really good and managed to finish the hair cut in like 3 mins post this, I am actually very impressed by him... he got so little snips but still managed a good hair cut....

so this is how the result looks like... aint he looking adorable?

and haan he just refuses to give me a front pose :(


  1. wow, he looks cute :) and that place looks nice :)

  2. Ha ha! Well seated @ first not knowing what is in store. The last pic is simply too gud :)

  3. so cute..he looks absolutely adorable..

  4. touch wood !! he looks very cute !!

  5. sho shweet, my God. Even i had done a post after the BB's first professional hair cut.

  6. OMG!! he is SO cute!!!!! :)

    and that place looks gorgeous!!! i didnt think it was possible, but the dude just got cooler! :)


  7. @--xh--,
    thanks and ya i loved it

  8. @Swaram,
    ha ha i agree but i think its only the first time i am dreading the next time :)

  9. @hitch writer,
    thank u and ya touchwood

  10. @Goofy Mumma,
    ya i had read that too and my search for a place for kids began post that till then i didnt know something like that exists I will still not hopeful I will find on in blore but I did

  11. @ritu,
    *kala tikka*

    kids are cute anyways

  12. @Mama - mia,
    the place was awesome it might just be very far for u but u are ever this side and want to give cubby a haircut call me i will give directions :):)

    and thanks

  13. He looks so ADORABLE !!! very very cute.

  14. Thats a bit unfair ..You fooled him with nice location and decor...

    But I guess thats the only way...
    Ever cute ...oju !!

  15. @Puneet,
    trust me nothing else works...and i am afraid this might not work the second time :(

  16. The last pic is totally totally cuuuuuuuuute!! Nice place.

  17. @2b's mommy,
    thanks... ya i am floored by the place

  18. Wow! He does look lovely... and what a wonderful looking saloon :) Very impressed.

  19. The place looks so cute .. and the darling prince was patient throughout!
    He looks adorable, even with long hair... and I think he enjoys the household paparazzi following him around ;)

    Great photographs! Adorable model :)
    This was such a sweet post, loved it!!!

  20. @Cuckoo,
    me too is mighty impressed :)

  21. @ihm,
    he was wailing towards the end :( and ya he sure loves the paparazzi... sometimes we wonder if he will grow upto be a model among other things :)

  22. Yeah Monika I saw, naturally they get fed up :(

    He will make an adorable model! *kala teeka*

    I love this template ... :)

  23. ohh... Ojas is soooo cute. look at his smile..

    The saloon looked good. Even we take Jason to a same kind. All the pics on the wall keep him glued to it.

  24. @ihm,
    i know

    and ya along with a chef,singer and multiple other things;-)


  25. cute haircut for the cutie pie..the place is awesome!!

  26. :)

    adorable even when he cries!

  27. @Prachi Pandey,
    thanks.. and thanks for coming by

  28. He's absolutely adorable! I have been putting off the Munchkin's haircut for some time now...this post was a nudge in the right direction..

  29. simply adorable. Very very cute.

    Wait till he gets into a phase where he would LIKE to have haircuts :D

    Anirudh now asks me every 2nd week if we shall go for his haircut :D