Tuesday, September 23, 2008

yesterday I was working from home as most of the times I end up doing on Monday's.. as my maid comes late in the morning... so I was working on the ground floor and Ojas was playing with his nanny and my mom on the first floor... I was getting his happy sounds of shouting, laughing, tata, mamma etc from quite sometime now and I generally asked shouting... what is my nonu tonu doing and thak this guy came running towards the staircase gate, got up holding it and started screaming mama and continued till I went up and held... post up which he gave me a hug and a good big laughter :)... sometimes I wonder how does the small head so much brain...


  1. Haha..so naughty and sweet :) Well the wondering part continues and we haven't found an anwer yet!!

  2. anu,
    ya he is becoming really naughty sometimes to the extent of unmanageable:) ya i am sure it will... our moms are still wondering how to handle us... i guess its the circle of life

  3. Its the heart...
    not head

  4. @hobo,
    agreed its the heart what i meant was that how do these small people manage to know that i am the ground floor and the way to that is through the stairs and that is head :)

    and welcome to my little one's space