Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Godi is for me only

This weekend we went to one of our friend's house who has a 2 month old baby... When Ojas first saw the baby lying down he felt very good even bent down and kissed him twice but then started the drama... my mom picked him up and he screamed, she had to leave him and pick Ojas up... in this process she gave the baby to me and when he realised it he screamed even harder :) and then I had to give the baby back to his father and take Ojas but Ojas was still screaming look at the baby in my friend's godi and then my friend kept him on the bed and here comes the widest grin anyone could see at Ojas's face... We all rolled in laughter :) too much isnt it?


  1. Hahahha...so baby's Pa can also not take the baby...smart !

  2. Hehehe..they are like that only :)

  3. @swati,
    ya thats the funniest part :)

  4. @monika,ansh... anu... asha,
    i guess so but they are cute

  5. wow!! he is really territorial already, isnt he?! :)



  6. @mama - mia,
    ya very very I had posted long back on how he got angry when he saw his dad meddling with his cot...