Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missing Dad

In the past few months Ojas morning routine has been getting up between 6 and 7 am and then coming from his cot to our bed and then playing between us, we are partly sleeping and partly playing and all three of us enjoy that the best time of the day... he'll see towards me play a little and then turn towards naren play with him a little and if one of us sleeps then he wakes us up by scratching our faces with his hands... today naren was travelling and when he came on our he would play with me and then turn the other side to find his dad and then say oooooh ooooh he did this some 8-10 times and finally i had to get up and take him to some other place and then he played... my little one was missing his dad, this one is going to make naren surely happy :)


  1. this is my debut visit at ur blog...its really "short n sweet"..keep it visit my blog..

  2. @prajyot,
    welcome to the blog, this is the blog that i have started to record the memories of my little son... i mantain another general blog

    will visit ur blog soon