Friday, May 16, 2008

The first lovely white bud

Ya u guessed it right, my little one has come out with his first teeth and strangely its not the front one as I had read in books and heard from everyone.... its the lower right one.... Looks like this guy wants to be different from the starting he he

I have been feeling since long time that he is teething but everyone would laugh at me saying its too early... Today morning around 11 am when I was feeding him he suddenly bit me and I was like what is this, I checked his mouth for his front teeth and I found none, I was a little surprised but I continued feeding and then he did it again I decided to give his mouth a through examination and there it is on the right hand lower side one tiny little white bud and I rushed to my husband's grandmom to show it and see if I was right and bingo I was right :) my son has come out with his first teeth.... yipee

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