Monday, June 23, 2008

Tug of war between Ojas and Massi

as described by massi herself :)

As it happens, our little boy is really fond of red colour. One day he was sitting and playing in him massi's lap when his gaze fell upon a empty 500 ml coke bottle and true to his nature, he just had to have it (otherwise he shouts and cries). So massi obliged and his hands landed straight on the middle red sticker but in some time he noticed the red cork. And man, did he go berserk! Even faster than the speed of light the cork was in his mouth and a gleeful, totally excited look on his face- it was truly a Kodak moment. But that's not the point- the grip of that strong little brat is so tight (his parents have rightly named him Ojas, you see) that even massi took a lot of time to extricate the bottle from him. After that his massi is sure that he will become a tug-of-war champion once he grows up....though let me tell you, the list is long- he is artist, singer, journalist, palmist all rolled into one....our darling little brat!!


  1. kids are really cute n source of joy unless they start crying :)

  2. thats true they are an amazing source of joy... and abt crying I guess this is their only way to communicate with us so poor them cant do much about it

    PS: thanks for coming over... keep coming